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Yall are welcome.
Sat Jan 4, 2014, 6:49 PM
Thanks for the fav :D:D
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Hello! Thanks for the faves!! :) :) :)
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Witches in The Woods by RedThousandOkay, so Witches in the Woods is my most faved deviation according to the stats page, but its not my favorite . I actually prefer Country Cab by RedThousand , Country Cab. 

And this brings a "duh" moment. A magnum opus, a piece that signifies one's life's work and stands above all else, is not given such a title by the person that created it. A "masterpiece" is defined by the audience. In this case, the masterpiece is my most popular work and the audience is the everyone with enough online access and curiosity. 

Witches in the Woods is my most complete piece, it seems, giving not just a vignette but a narrative of sorts. Some people that stumble into this corner of the web like the humor, though between the first draft and script and the editing so far, I myself only found it mildly amusing compared to when I first fitted the conversation onto the page. This is another "duh!" moment. If a joke is formed, but not told soon, it becomes stale to the person that made it up, even if the punchline is perfectly solid by most standards. I think I might even have read somewhere about not discarding and old idea that seems boring just because you've been tweaking it for a days over the course of months. So, I guess I have to reconsider what is and isn't worth posting and just post it anyway because someone may like it, maybe even the majority of the target audience. 

Speaking of which, I am pretty sure my target audience is anyone who likes my style and content, fetishist or not. I like praise. Everyone likes positive attention, even if they have a different definition of 'positive attention'. I'll admit it, I love it when someone faves one of my deviations. Who doesn't? Why would they post things if they didn't? Anyway, looking at the "More Like This" selection for each pic, I see that Witches in the Woods is faved with general preg fetish deviations.

Country Cab however... 

Okay, I expected the anthro/fur/whatever you call it without offending or taking offense + pregnancy fans, but the futanari, the immobalizing folds of fat, and the "hyperism" of sex characteristics...actually I'm not as surprised as I think I should be. Futa shows up everywhere, crippling obesity and physiologically impossible pregnant bellies share the "more to love, fitting through doors or walking be damned" thing, and hyperism is just over-sizing man parts or hourglass figures( like how I oversize pregnant bellies). Okay, somewhere, some-synapses, the pregnant she-beast from Country Cab is catering to an overlap of widely different preferences and fantasies.

Through the internet, I've come to realize fetishes are just Person + Thing = Arousal. Full Stop. Still, I have the common knee jerk reaction of "Why! Dear God, why! Why do you like that?! I need an explanation!" and I step on that reaction and accept that people can have a "thing" for anything because brains, despite common assumptions, don't need an excuse to like everything from ankles to toaster ovens. 

Now, why is  Country Cab  my favorite? Its not because I think its the hottest thing I ever put to paper. Almost the opposite. Its one of the few 'fetish' deviations where my first instinct is to hug instead of hump. It gives me the usual rush and adoration without the discomfort of tight pants or the distracting urgency that follows. Its something that I can sit back and admire without feeling like I need to elevate the stimulation. It also lacks the vaguely guilty "I like this way more than I should" feeling that comes with all the other fetishy stuff.

 Nelliquan (Serano's Bride) by RedThousand Nelliquan sort of fits in this category, too. I think more people would like Nell for the same reason I like Country Cab. The latter is more for people that like pictures of alien monsters, dragons, or rain forest frogs. Nell is that hugely pregnant girl in the grocery store even people with really mundane attractions and likes would want to ask to feel her belly, even if the baby isn't kicking. Nibana from Country Cab would probably scare most people in real life ("Jurrasic Park is real and its breeding! Someone call Animal Control.). 

Me? I'd see Nibana and think: "Oh my God...! She's like a Yoshi crossed with a college girl. She's so big and adorable and I must see if she's friendly so I can at least hug her goodbye and see if she's as plushy as she looks and wow that sounds like creepy scheming. Forget plotting to initiate affectionate contact. I'm just going to say hi. Even if everyone else is shying away." 

Its the Big Red Button-Buddah Belly phenomenon: If it sticks out, for good or ill, contact must be made. 

Anyway. The amount of Faves will give me some insight, but I'll still draw what I want to draw and post what I think could use second opinions and what DA will allow me to submit. I can't make people like what I like (That's a bad genie wish waiting to happen) so there's no need to even think about fussing over any of my deviations being overlooked or even rejected by groups when I find the pieces some of my better ventures in draftsmanship. 

That aside, I'd like to submit more, but some family friends moved in and that puts a hamper on the belly drawings. I've been drawing more fragmented sketches, interlaced with notes, anyway. There isn't much that's scanner worthy, but I think I might try to figure out how to submit short documents again...




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